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Zippo Lighters

Over 400 million Zippo lighters of different designs have been produced since 1932. Commonly used Zippo lighters are a rectangular box design having a hinged lid. Zippo lighters are windproof and come with a lifetime guarantee. After purchasing a Zippo lighter, you will see the markings on the bottom of your Zippo Lighter case. The markings are there to identify what month and year your Zippo lighter was made. This information is used in the case of a repair being needed. New Zippo Lighters should have a white wick without having petrol smell and black marks underneath the lid. When you open the lid you will see that there is a removable lighter inside.

Zippo lighters have many qualities like Lifetime guarantee, easy to use, inexpensive, refillable, re-useable, stylish, light easily, well-built, wind proof flame, durable and available in wide range of designs.