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When Ford decided on the name Mustang for their launch back in the sixties, no one could have imagined it would still be used in the first decade of the 21st century. Based on the earlier Ford Falcon, which was a compact car, the Mustang had a larger size specification. Its name gave it added allure as is exuded power, speed and sleekness-not altogether what the Mustang actually was compared to other leading brands. The world got its first viewing of the Mustang at the New York World fair back in 1964. After that, the first car rolled off the production line the same year a few months later. Since then, these cars have been coveted by many people around the world and been show cased in many movies, like the hit James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’.

Over the years, the Mustang has, of course, still been made, but with more revisions and modifications. When this car first came out it spawned a lot of other cars that became stiff competition for itself, like the Camaro. A few other cars, like the Toyota Celica, also came out after the Mustang but had many similarities in shape and design. Only time will tell if the Mustang will be able to hold up its good name in coming years as it continues to battle it out with its contemporaries.