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Mustang Sally


The term Mustang Sally is used a lot when talking about Mustang cars as a whole. In fact, when people buy a Mustang, a lot of times they will call the car “sally” after the famous song that was called “Mustang Sally.” Although there was never an actual Mustang car that was called Sally, it has been a colloquial term that is coined to Mustang cars as a whole.

There are a lot of things that Mustang Sally refers to. One of them is a band that went by this name and a few others turned out to be a movie, as well as a novel. Over time, this term has begun to slip, because the band is not all that popular nowadays. However, the song lives on in many people’s hearts and is still used by a few people as a nickname for their beloved car. One day, we may see a come-back of this phrase, and you will see more plates on cars that will say Sally, usually followed by the year the car was made. So a 69 Mustang would be called a 69 Sally for example.