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Mustang Ranch


You can pick up a Mustang Ranch 63 model for as little as 700 dollars, but it will need a lot of work on it. There are lots of different subclasses of designs and many people have modified them. When people hear the term Mustang Ranch there are a few different things that come to mind. If you are talking about cars, a Mustang ranch is the term that some people use to talk about a place where Ford Mustang cars are made. Others talk about a Mustang Ranch as a place to bring up wilder horses or the infamous brothel sharing the same name. However, out of all these terms there is one place that is actually called the Mustang Ranch.

The Mustang Ranch (also known as the Valley of the Dolls) is a brothel in Nevada. This is one of the brothels that actually lead to the legalization of prostitution in ten of seventeen counties. Later on, the brothel was closed down by the government for tax fraud and, of course, racketeering. However, it has now reopened about five miles away from where it started and still goes by the same name. Although there are a lot of terms that this phrase is linked to you need to be careful when looking up information on it.