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Ford Mustang GT


There are a lot of different styles of Mustangs out there, but one of the most loved is the Ford Mustang GT. This is a style of Mustang that has more power and just an all around better look to it than normal Mustangs. The 1996 model is probably one of the most revered for its looks and general appeal. The only reason why everyone does not go out and buy a Ford Mustang GT is the fact that it does cost a little bit more than normal Mustangs as well. However, that extra money is going toward a better body, more power, and just overall, a better car.

The 5.0 liter V8 models are thirsty machines for this day and age, but for the enthusiast who wants plenty of power, but prove very popular with many motoring enthusiasts. If you are looking to buy a Ford Mustang GT, the best place would be to look online. Here you will be able to check out all the different Ford Mustang GT cars in a given area. You will be able to see if there is a car available close by and you can narrow your search for exactly what you are looking for.

The Mustang GT is a more powerful model of Mustang than the standard version. In fact, every generation has its own specific looks, and the Mustang GT is usually included in any new range. When the Mustang first came out, you could get the Mustang GT model with a $400 optional Hi performance parts. These cars had a V8 and usually weighed about 3,000 pounds, without anyone inside of it. The Mustang GT was also a four speed car.

When the Mustang GT came out, it was a run-way success, however, a lot of experts did not think too highly of the Mustang GT when it came out due to its weight and inferior speed to competitor models. Many parts on the car were taken right from the Ford Falcon. Of course, what drove this car’s success were not the parts, but the personalization and styling. People wanted power but looks also to have a cooler looking car than everyone else. Thus, the power was not as crucial an element.