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Antique Armoires – Vintage armoires

antique armoires

Armoires are tall cupboard with shelves. It stands alone as opposed to being a built in cabinet, so you can redecorate it and can easily be moved to wherever you want. These tall cabinets are generally made of shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and doors. Armoires are made as a versatile unit to store anything including clothes or home appliances like a TV or other things. Armoires can easily be used as a decoration piece by itself or it can be a utilitarian cupboard and used to store anything like computers, clothes, china, home furnishings or a stereo.

antique armoir

The possibilities are endless.

Armoires were originally built out of wood and sometimes carved very ornately to be used as a showpiece. These days with the advent of space age materials the Armoire has evolved and now can be made out of varied materials including plastics, steel etc.