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Office armoires

An Office Armoire is a tall cabinet made of wood or steel. It has shelves and drawers to fir every need. They can be changed to suit individuals. It is a stand alone unit so it can be moved to different locations as required. Some Office Armoires are built on wheels so they can easily be moved. Office Armoires are built to hold papers, files, money etc. There are some locked drawers built into the Office Armoire specifically for that purpose.
office armoires

Office Armoires are built differently. They are built so more people can handle them without any problem. The construction is stronger and thus Office Armoires are able to withstand the rigors of office use.

Other uses for the Office Armoire are as a holder of computer equipment. Sensitive computers have to be kept locked and thus sometimes they are kept in Office Armoires. Special shelves are built in to accommodate all the equipment.

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