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Zippo Lighters

Over 400 million Zippo lighters of different designs have been produced since 1932. Commonly used Zippo lighters are a rectangular box design having a hinged lid. Zippo lighters are windproof and come with a lifetime guarantee. After purchasing a Zippo lighter, you will see the markings on the bottom of your Zippo Lighter case. The markings are there to identify what month and year your Zippo lighter was made. This information is used in the case of a repair being needed. New Zippo Lighters should have a white wick without having petrol smell and black marks underneath the lid. When you open the lid you will see that there is a removable lighter inside.

Zippo lighters have many qualities like Lifetime guarantee, easy to use, inexpensive, refillable, re-useable, stylish, light easily, well-built, wind proof flame, durable and available in wide range of designs.

Cheap Zippo Lighters

beatles-zippoCigarette smokers all over the world know about cheap Zippo lighters.

These lighters are a product of USA and have been around since 1932. It was George G. Blaisell who had first developed and produced this lighter.

It was created in his garage located in Bradford, Pennsylvania and since then, these lighters have been produced in Bradford.

pink-zippoNot only do smokers buy cheap Zippo lighters for their own use, but also as a gift for someone special.

They are reasonably available at between $18 to $35. It is high in nostalgia, high in quality but comes in a small package to present a loved one looking for the right Zippo lighter.

This gift will remind them that all good things do come in small packages.

To make the gift even better, you can also opt to have these lighters engraved with either the recipient’s name or have a message engraved on it, while signing off with your name.