Rolex Diamond Bezel

Rolex Diamond Bezel

Rolex Diamond Bezel can be original or added. Bezels are round rings attached to the face of the watch and look like a ring of diamonds around the face. Bezels come in different sizes to fit each watch. The sizes of the diamonds on it can be different affecting the price considerably. There is no limit to the cost of a bezel. However, on the average you could pay $1,000 to $5,000.

It will fetch a better price if it is an original bezel. Like the watch itself, the bezel is a piece of jewelry. It lends an air of elegance to the watch while increasing it in value. When you buy a Rolex with a bezel, you have to be very careful that the diamonds are real. A lot depends on the experience of the person inspecting it. Whoever looks at it has to be experienced. Rolex Diamond Bezel makes a good investment

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