Custom Fishing Rods

Custom Fishing Rods

The term custom fishing rods usually refers to a fishing rod that is created by fishermen in the goal of accommodating their own specific personal needs. To begin in the construction of custom fishing rods, the builder has to start by creating the pole itself. The pole is usually created from fibreglass or carbon graphite. The next step is to attach the handle which is usually made up of cork-like wood. The handle must be joined carefully so as not to throw off the balance of the rod. After this, the builder can fasten the guides which help improve the action of custom fishing rods. The number of guides on custom fishing rods varies from builder to builder. The final step is to attach the reel seat which is where the line, on the reel will sit. Typically, the reel seat is made up of a light-weight metal like aluminum. After this step, fishermen can go out and enjoy their custom fishing rods.

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