18K Gold Rolex

18K Gold Rolex

When you are looking for a watch that is truly made out of solid gold, you need to look no further than Rolex. Most watches that you wear are just gold plated, and most of the time are of pretty low quality. The 18K Gold Rolex watches are built to last, and you can tell that by their appearance. The great thing about the 18K Gold Rolex is that this is a watch that never has to be polished. In fact, most people that have an 18K Gold Rolex will tell you not to polish it. It is said that the watch goes down in value if it has been polished for any reason (even if you are polishing out scratches). It is best to leave your 18K Gold Rolex as unchanged from factory as possible.

These are watches that pretty much take care of themselves, and you do not have to worry about them breaking. In fact, most Rolex watches are designed to take a little wear and tear. The bands on these watches are very welded on to the face of the watch, which makes for a bond that is practically unbreakable.

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