18K Gold Rolex Watch Replica

18K Gold Rolex Watch Replica

If you are in the market for a real Rolex watch, you know that you have to look out for fakes. To tell the difference between 18K Gold Rolex watch replica and the real deal, there are two tests that you can do. First, you should hold the watch up to your ear. If you hear a very loud ticking, it’s more than likely a fake. Real Rolex watches have buffed gears that allow the second hand to move smoothly around the face of the clock. The second hand moves so quickly that the “ticking” is usually not heard, and the second hand appears to move fluidly without stopping.

The next way to spot a 18K gold Rolex watch replica is to take a look at the back. If it has a clear back (to show the inside of the watch) then it’s a fake. Although this is a cool feature to have on a watch, Rolex never made a watch with a clear backing. Sometimes these clear backings even have the Rolex symbol engraved in them to make it look more real, but the fact remains that it’s still a replica.

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