Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are the most popular among all the other gem stone inspired engagement rings. The conventional design of diamond engagement rings are usually the solitary diamond design. Currently, more designs have been conceptualized by jewelers including the three-stone designed diamond engagement rings. Based on several historical narrations, the custom of using diamonds for engagement rings have long been existing since the Middle Ages and the Roman Period.

The introduction of the very famous slogan “A diamond is forever,” during the 20th century by the De Beers paved the way for the diamond engagement ring to be considered as the standard and most coveted among all kinds of engagement rings.
An engagement ring is a symbol of the truthful desire of a man to his prospective bride, to show this intent desire, usually they yearn to offer one of a very distinct and expensive character; thus a diamond engagement ring is often the most recommendable suggestion.

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