Ford mustang

ford-mustangThe Ford Mustang is a sports car that has been rolling off the production lines for over four decades. It has been around since the early 60’s, and ’till this day, is still being refined and updated to meet modern needs and safety legislation. The Ford Mustang has a wide fan base, and it remains one of the more popular brands of power car. Some people have coined the Mustang with the term “pony car”. Although some people refer to this as not having as much power as other sports cars, it also stands for the type of the body that most Mustangs are made to look like. This would be the long hood and short deck look.

Over the years, the Ford Mustang cars have been given more power. When they first came out, they did not have enough power to keep up with some of the other muscle cars of the day like the GTO, the old SS muscle Camaros, as well as a handful of other cars considered to be in the same class. The Ford Mustang is noted by many people more for looks than power.


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